Bejenaru Mircea

With the first results obtained, I understood that if you want to be successful, the columbofil sport must be approached as a system in which elements like health, quality of food and pigeons, farm, gameplay etc. are in close interdependence link and have a determining role.
The e xperience that I have acheived determined me, in terms of quality pigeons, to opt, mainly for pigeons from lines such as
 Freialdenhofen & Son, Jos Martens, Theo Daalmans, Coen Haarlem, Bauhaus-Devers, Albert Simons-Maseik, Lauer & Son, Plum Karl-Heinz.

...... .Thus, under a special collaboration with family Freialdenhofen in Germany, multiple national champions and Jos Martens from Stein appreciated as "The Topper of The European Airspace", I obtained   sons and daughters of the best breeders and aces such as Forrest Gump, Forrest Junior, Albert Iron Man, Vandermissen, Son Barcelona, De Blauwe 212 Super 733, Marseille Star, Diana, Donkere Simons, De Carcassonne, Barcelona Lady, Son Romario, Helios, Dark Night etc. At these, I `ve added descendents from the famous champions: Goldene Barcelona, De Flitzer, Rode Son De 16, De Bacelona, Super 116, Pau Sieger, forming a strong family of pigeons for long distance races, with „blue blood” from Van der Wegen and Gebrs. Kuijpers.

  These special pigeons have demonstrated quickly their qualities through the results and I hope that those presented on the site to highlight this.

Results 2018